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【公共】<モバイル>Planning and promotion of global businesses in the mobile industry

仕事内容 ■ Job summary
In order to expand business for mobile carriers, you will be a member of our team, working with our global group companies to plan and implement various plans and measures targeting the domestic and overseas markets, as well as to conduct sales activities and project promotion to win individual projects.

■ Mission
We will work with our overseas group companies and partners to expand our business from a global perspective in the mobile industry, especially for mobile network operators (MNOs).
There are three major business directions:
""Import-type"" that brings overseas know-how, IP (intellectual property), solutions, etc. into the Japanese market for business. On the other hand, there is an ""Export type"" that expands Japan's know-how overseas and converts it into a business for overseas customers. Lastly, we have ""Co-creation type"" which is carried out by collaborating with overseas colleagues to create a business while sharing know-how from overseas and Japan. These three types are the missions, and one or more of them are the mission.

■ Specific descriptions of the posts
Cooperation with overseas group companies is essential for the development of global business for us. We will share strategies and know-how with these group companies to create businesses in cooperation.
In the case of import-type business development, information collection from customers in Japan, proposal activities for individual projects, and after winning a contract, the role as the bridge between overseas and Japan are the expected roles In export-type business development, we will support overseas group companies in providing know-how, which will help them promote their businesses. This activity involves identifying what overseas group companies need, providing it from domestic assets, and, conversely, identifying assets in Japan that are expected to be applied and introducing them overseas. In Co-creation type we aim to create IP products targeting overseas and domestic markets through collaboration with overseas group companies and expand our business. You are expected to take one of the key role of the team to promote close communication with overseas members.

■ Features and attractiveness of the organization
This team is established within the business divisions responsible for mobile business, and is responsible for operations focused on ""Mobile Domain × Global."" By focusing on the mobile domain, we are increasing the specialization of expertise, rather than simply capturing the global domain.
The teams from overseas group companies which we work with specialize in the telecom domain of multiple countries. They have its own business bases in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, North America, and China, respectively, while expanding globally. In addition, we collaborate with our members who are familiar with specific technologies and services, not industry cuts, and constitute a group-wide group of specialists called Global Telecom One Team.
The key feature of this organization is its ability to create wins through cooperation with global peers, and the ability to collaborate with members with a wide range of knowledge is an attractive feature of this organization.
求める経験 ■ Mandatory requirements (Experience)
・ Linguistics
-Need advanced business English ability. TOEIC scores and other English level scores are not stipulated, but we need Speaking, Listening skills to conduct face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, and web meetings smoothly and Reading, Writing skills to read and write business documents and e-mails in English.
-Need advanced business Japanese ability. (For non-native Japanese speakers) No specific Japanese certification level is required, but it is necessary to have the ability of conversation to conduct face-to-face, telephone, and web conferences smoothly, reading ability to read Japanese business documents with Kanji-kana, and ability of writing to write e-mails in Japanese.

・ Communicating
-The ability to communicate smoothly with members from different nationalities (Japan, English, US, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, etc.) and cultural background.

・ Business experience
-IT-industry experiences such as customer sales, product sales, consulting, and business (BtoB)
-Experience in system development in the IT industry
-Experience in the telecom industry (excluding staff experience in finance, legal, general affairs, etc.)

■ Essential requirements (Required qualities)
-Those who are interested in and interested in global business
-A person who can cooperate constructively while maintaining close communication, respecting other members from different cultural backgrounds.
-Those who understand the situation (context) of a project or business and who can provide appropriate facilitation according to the situation.
-Those who are not passive, but who can think, create and act in proactive manner.
-Those who can actively learn and absorb new knowledge and experiences
-Who can drive the team's leadership

■ Experiences as follows are highly welcomed
-MNOs, MVNO, mobile industry package/solution vendors, mobile industry system integrators, mobile industry consulting companies, and other mobile specific business experiences
-Experience in a project-oriented business, regardless of industry
-Experience in planning for new businesses and services
-Experience in projects that require daily communication in English
-Abilities in foreign languages other than English (Spanish, Italian, German, etc.)
勤務地 東京都
勤務時間 09:30 〜 18:00
休日休暇 完全週休2日制、祝日、年末年始休暇、夏季休暇、年次有給休暇20日、特別休暇(慶弔ほか)、ライフプラン休暇、産前・産後休暇、介護休暇、看護休暇など
待遇・福利厚生 <勤務時間>

2018年4月初任給実績 月給220,320円(参考)

財形貯蓄、社員持株会、持家取得支援、住宅補助、 育児・介護支援、リゾート施設・スポーツ施設利用、企業年金など
雇用形態 正社員
会社名 株式会社NTTデータ
代表 代表取締役社長 本間 洋
所在地 〒135-6033
東京都江東区豊洲3-3-3 豊洲センタービル
資本金 1,425億2千万円(2019年3月31日現在)
売上高 2兆1,636億円(連結)
従業員数 11,515名(単独/2020年3月末現在)
株式公開 東証一部
事業内容 ・システムインテグレーション事業
会社の特徴 言わずと知れた日本最大のSIer。その知名度の通り、社会の基幹を担う重要かつ巨大なシステムを数多く構築してきたのがNTTデータです。
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